Here you can find an archive of the projects I have worked on. Unless otherwise noted, each project is created from scratch using Java. Projects are listed in chronological order from the top starting with the most recent. Each project listed here has a link to additional information about it.

Falling Light

May 2016 - Present

Current game development project and first serious project working with a group. I'm working as the engine programmer and storyboard director. More news to come on this as we get further into development!


Fall 2016

Originally intended to be the beginnings of a game, Adfinita ended as just being a 2D procedurally generated square planet renderer. Uses OpenGL for graphics.

Galaxy Tool Creator - Bioinformatics

Summer 2015

As part of my internship at the University of Connecticut, I created a tool that runs on Galaxy webservers capable of creating other tools that can also run on the Galaxy platform. It was created rather quickly, but it works! (mostly)


Jan 2015

Created using JECoder0x2D, MiTeam (m-i-team, not my-team) was created over the course of a few weeks to present as another project for my MIT Maker Portfolio.


Late 2014

First attempt at creating a game engine. The idea was to create one engine I could reuse for creating side-scrolling games in the future. It uses Java AWT for graphics.

Prograde (Student Project)

Dec 2013

Created using VB .NET as a final project for my Intro to Visual Basic course I took online through The Virtual High School. It features pirates, lasers, procedurally generated asteroids, and 8-bit Rick Astley. Proceed with caution.


Feb - Dec 2012

The first graphical game I made and a 2D Minecraft clone (ish). It uses Java AWT for graphics and utilizes procedural generation to create infinitely large worlds. I would not recommend using any of the source code for any reason whatsoever.

TerraCraft, a text based not-game

Summer 2011

I first started learning programming during Summer 2011 while attending ID Tech Camps. I had to create a game as a final project. Beware: no modification has been made to the code since it was first written. This should not serve as a template for anything, ever.